Project Work Module 4

Evaluation of readiness to adopt open educational resources

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Community readiness is the degree to which a community is prepared to act on a particular problem. The elements of community readiness are: (1) community initiatives to address the problem, (2) community awareness of such initiatives, (3) leadership, (4) community climate, (5) knowledge of the community on the issue, and (6) the existence of specific resources to address the problem.

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Six dimensions of community readiness for open education

Not prepared Prepared
Community initiatives Open education is not on the agenda of the university and there are no previous experiences. The university has begun to train teachers about open practices and some teachers have developed open content.
Knowledge on the community initiatives Teachers do not know about open educational resources or open education experiences. Teachers are aware of open educational innovations.
Leadership There is no effective leadership. The university community is organised with recognisable and influential natural leaders.
Social climate Teachers and students do not perceive added value in open educational practices. Teachers and students are in favor of open educational innovations.
Knowledge on the issue Open education is not a matter of public debate and the university community is not concerned about the issue. Teachers know about innovative experiences and their impact on student learning.
Community resources There are no specific resources to promote open education. There are educational innovation centers, telecentres, champions and associations that promote open education.

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4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 In the above table we have shown two extreme cases as an example. However, there is usually a variation in terms of grade.


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  • Analyse the case of your university following the 6 dimensions of community readiness indicated above, and write a brief report on the readiness to adopt open practices in your university.
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